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Perspectives Magazine

Perspectives is a 60-70 page magazine, appearing 3 times a year. Each issue is on a theme relevant to local church leadership and activity.


Email Newsletter

Monthly email newsletters containing Partnership news, upcoming events and interesting articles from around the web.


Email Newsletter


Partnership Books

Books available from Partnership.






Partnership publications are all intended to help and encourage church leaders and members in practical ways:

  • Books tackle wider subjects in greater depth. Church Leaders Handbook, Serving God's People: Re-thinking Christian Ministry Today and Fresh Shoots in Stony Ground: the Challenges of Church Planting are a very significant trilogy of resources for church leaders. 
  • Perspectives, our quarterly magazine, has a focus each time on a current issue, plus other regular material 
  • Study Guides and Home Group materials provide a store of useful materials for leaders
  • Online publications include our monthly email newsletter, free on request; a workbook Last Among Equals for elders and pastors, and various background information.

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