Partner Organisations

Partnership is deeply committed to working as closely as possible with other organisations which serve the same churches as ourselves. Key partner organisations are:

Church Support Network


The Church Support Network (CSN) links groups which serve God from within the worldwide Christian Brethren movement.  In the UK, much innovative work is being done, and the movement continues to make significant contributions to evangelical life.



Church Growth Trust


Church Growth Trust helps independent churches to grow by holding and letting church buildings, helping with proposals for developing them, and supporting church planting.  It provides related advice and  information, and holds more than 100 church buildings. Its origins are in the United Kingdom Evangelization Trust, founded in 1906.


 Email:      ku.gr1544885885o.htw1544885885orghc1544885885ruhc@1544885885seiri1544885885uqne1544885885  



Counties’ commitment is to communicate the Christian faith in
the UK through evangelists and resources to assist churches in

Echoes International


Echoes International provides a service to overseas
missionaries and churches who seek to commend
and support missionaries.


E-mail: ku.gr1544885885o.seo1544885885hce@x1544885885oc.en1544885885aj1544885885

Gospel Literature Outreach

Gospel Literature Outreach seeks to partner with local
churches in Europe and worldwide in evangelistic outreach.
It also operates a bible training institution: Tilsley College,
78 Muir Street, Motherwell, ML1 1BN


E-mail: gro.e1544885885porue1544885885-olg@1544885885nimda1544885885

Church Planting Initiative

The Church Planting Initiative networks church planters
and provides human and financial resources to assist in
planting and replanting churches. It is a joint venture
of Gospel Literature Outreach, Counties, the Church
Growth Trust and Partnership, and each of these
bodies nominates two trustees to CPI.


E-mail:gro.k1544885885u-ipc1544885885@edyh1544885885.sema1544885885j 1544885885 or


The Enable training network is an information hub
and forum for training involving several Christian
organisations and churches. We are seeking to support
local churches in the training and equipping of church
leaders, evangelists and church planters throughout the
UK. Go to for a listing of
training options across the country.



Christian Brethren Archive

The Christian Brethren Archive collects documents, books and other materials relating to Brethren history in the UK and elsewhere, and makes them available for study by researchers. It is located at the John Rylands University Library of Manchester (Oxford Road, Manchester M13 9PP).

E-mail: ku.ca1544885885.nam@1544885885nosnh1544885885oj.ma1544885885harg1544885885

The Brethren Archivists and Historians Network (BAHN)

The Brethren Archivists and Historians Network (BAHN) encourages research and writing on the history of the Brethren. It publishes an annual review (The Brethren Historical Review) with articles on Brethren history and personalities. It organises a biannual conference to encourage the study of Brethren history, and encourage writing about it. The next biannual conference is scheduled to be in the summer of 2015 near Cambridge, England. Visit the BAHN website for more details and information, and details of recent conferences.

E-mail: ku.oc1544885885.ooha1544885885y@35n1544885885oskci1544885885dn1544885885

The Evangelical Alliance

The Evangelical Alliance promotes evangelical unity and truth, and represents evangelical Christianity in the UK and evangelical concerns to the wider world of church, state and society.

E-mail: *protected email*


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