International information

There are local churches connected with the Christian or Open Brethren movement in 155+ countries. There are in total some 25,000+ congregations and perhaps 10 000 preaching points with over 2,000,000 regular attenders (including children). They are testimony to the vigour of the missionary effort associated with the Brethren over the years. Information about the international movement can be found on the websites of the International Brethren Conferences on Mission (, the Brethren Training Network (, and the Brethren Archivists and Historians Network (

The Brethren Movement Worldwide: Key information, 4th edition, ed. Ken and Jeanette Newton 2014 gives summary information and contact details for over 100 countries. It also contains an introductory chapter giving an overall analysis of Open Brethren numbers worldwide. An electronic text can be accessed at .

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