Brethren Training Network

The aim of the Brethren Training Network (BTN) is to raise the profile of education, training and leadership development, and to make the best use of existing materials, as well as to share ideas and training experiences, in order to encourage regional and national educational efforts in the constituency of churches.

BTN has its origins in discussions at the International Brethren Conference on Mission 3 in Romania in July 2003, where there was general agreement that leaders and full-time workers working in churches of Brethren background need to receive suitable training if their service was to be made more fully effective. In turn, these leaders need to be more proactive in training church members for involvement in leadership responsibilities, ministry of various sorts, and cross-cultural mission. The Network has subsequently been encouraged through three international consultations at Emmaus College, Dubuque, Iowa, in 2005, 2010 and 2014. A 4th consultation is to take place at the end of May 2018.

The BTN website ( gives access to many published materials, and links to distance-learning opportunities.

The BTN Steering Group currently responsible for the development of BTN comprises Russell Thorp (New Zealand) (Chairman), Phil Boom (USA), Mark Davies (UK), Simeon Havyarimana (Burundi), Joel Hernandez (USA), Sunny Philip (India), Christian Ramirez (Colombia), David Smith (Australia), Len Smith (Australia), and Neil Summerton (UK).

For more information, contact Russell Thorp.

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