Partnership aims to publish one book a year - always material which is useful for those who are active in the work of local churches.

Recently published books

Stephen McQuoid and Neil Summerton (ed's), Fresh Shoots on Stony Ground: The Challenges of Church Planting - an outstanding book on the subject, with chapters by practitioners on the theory and practice of church planting today and 10 case studies of recent success and failure in church planting. Price: £9.99 including postage and packing.

John Baigent, Building Bibical Churches

A detailed consideration of the Partnership ethos statement heading by heading, together with study questions for church leaders and congregations. Ideal for study in home groups, to strengthen church members understanding of the requirements of church life. Price: £6.99 including postage and packing.

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Neil Summerton, Speaking the Truth in Love: Studies for Home Groups

This brings together a large range of bible studies for church home groups, printed in a way to permit easy photocopying for group use. These are available to download by clicking on the Online Publications tab on the left.


Titles Available:

A range of titles is available, including the acclaimed Church Leaders Handbook (£10.00 (pb) inc. p & p)  and Serving God's People: Re-thinking Christian Ministry Today (£12.00 inc. p & p).

List of titles in stock.

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