Perspectives 49


Independent Churches

This issue focuses on independent churches and includes new information on the numbers and growth of independent churches over the past two decades, with particular examples of the way that particular independent churches are seeking to serve and to grow.

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No 51 : Autumn 2013
Integrating Staff Workers into Team Leadership

Autumn 2013 Issue (No. 51). Considers key questions on the important topic of integrating staff workers into team leadership.

No 50 : Summer 2013
Living the Passion

This issue presents material from the autumn 2012 Living the Passion conference, and includes excellent practical material.

No 49 : Winter 2013
Focus: Technology, Communication and the Local Church

Winter 2013 Issue (No. 49). This issue explores how technology can be used to enhance the work of the local church.

What is Perspectives?

Perspectives is a 60-70 page magazine which appears three times a year. In a serious, lively style, it helps leaderships and others active in local churches with the questions and issues which they have to wrestle with. It includes articles on topical issues and reviews of relevant books. All Partnership members receive copies as part of the return for their membership fee.

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